You may order bulk data or create a custom report.

Bulk Data

The Oklahoma Secretary of State makes data available from our database on a monthly basis. The master export is our complete database in a tilde(~)-delimited text file. The file contains 10 relational tables, compressed (zipped) for web download. When unzipped, it is approximately 5 megabytes. The monthly updates have the same data structure as the master download, but contain filings only for the corresponding month. A file describing the structure of both downloads is available from the links below. A sample monthly data file is also available. The Master file is a larger version with the same layout.

To retrieve bulk order file layouts, click here.
To retrieve a sample data file,click here.

Bulk Specimens

Trademark registrations include a specimen image in jpeg format. Specimen images may be included in your bulk order for download.

To view sample image albums, click here.


Bulk Reports are available for download. They are in html format with linked jpeg specimen images to be viewed within your browser. They can also be opened and saved in your own word processing application. The Trademark Filings reports include the following: New Registrations, New Renewals, New Assignments, and Canceled Registrations.

To view a sample html report, click here.

Popular SOS Online Services

Bulk Order Fee Schedule
Bulk Order Type Fee
Complete Trademark Data $500.00
Complete Trademark Images $500.00
Monthly Update (Data and Images) $300.00
Custom Report $1 per trademark