Oklahoma’s ever-increasing global presence is reflected in state government. When the state receives international inquires or communiques they are frequently directed to the Secretary of State’s office, a repository on the international programs and initiatives of state agencies and departments. These include the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Education, the Department of Health, the Oklahoma National Guard, and the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.

Department of Agriculture

The goal of the International Trade Development team is to promote Oklahoma’s processed foods and other value-added agricultural products to targeted countries in Central and South America, Europe, the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific Rim. Coordinators provide market research and valuable technical assistance, and have access to the USDA’s worldwide network of trade offices, which enables them to identify agricultural export trends and windows of opportunities for Oklahoma companies around the globe.

Department of Commerce

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce has international trade offices which include export assistance and foreign direct investment recruitment.

Department of Education

Now in its fifth year, the Oklahoma State Department of Education and the Academie d’Amiens in France have a memorandum of understanding related to cultural exchanges. This partnership also includes group projects between schools, video conferences and online wiki-based collaboration between educators and students. Amiens is located in the Picardy region of Northern France.

Department of Health

The Oklahoma Department of Health and Oklahoma’s Sister State Gansu, China, have had a cooperative medical relationship since 1985. The two organizations provide help and support in areas of public health, clinical medicine, research, teaching, rehab, emergency treatment and medical internet construction programs.

Oklahoma National Guard

The Oklahoma National Guard has sent troops on training and humanitarian missions to Baku, Azerbaijan through the U.S. National Guard State Partnership.

Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

Oklahoma Study Abroad through the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education is a statewide initiative to create a clearinghouse of information for students looking for study-abroad programs offered in the state.