Protocol is very simply the established code of procedure or behavior in any group, organization, or situation. But understanding and applying the cultural norms of various global nations requires a great deal of research, preparation time, and patience. When executed properly, proper protocol allows parties to wholly focus on relating as people; concentrating not on differences but on commonalities. Once individuals feel understood, respected, and equal, they are more likely to engage in productive discussions.

For these reasons, protocol is critical to Oklahoma. In addition to creating good relations abroad, it helps business open new markets and expands trade, growing Oklahoma's economy and creating jobs.


The Oklahoma Secretary of State is the constitutionally-appointed keeper of the state seal. Protocol regarding the seal deals with its proper usage, guaranteeing the seal appears consistent with the description laid out in state law, and ensuring it is used on the proper state documents. The Great Seal of the State of Oklahoma contains six seals and represents the unique history of the state.