Citizen Participation in Oklahoma’s Rulemaking Process

Participation in the workings of government is one of the hallmarks of democracy. Oklahoma’s citizens have the opportunity to actively participate in the rulemaking process. This page answers questions about how you can better understand and participate in the rulemaking process in Oklahoma.

What is an administrative rule?
An administrative rule is a law adopted by a state government agency. The Legislature must pass a law authorizing or mandating a state agency to write rules.

How do rules affect me?
Rules affect different aspects of life in Oklahoma. For example, if you fish, the Department of Wildlife Conservation regulates the process for obtaining a fishing license. When you go to a restaurant, the Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission creates the rules that the restaurant must follow when serving alcohol.

What is the Oklahoma Register?
Oklahoma Register is Oklahoma's official semi-monthly publication of rules that are in the process of being created, amended or repealed. The Oklahoma Register provides a snapshot of all regulatory activity happening in Oklahoma.

How can the Oklahoma Register help me?
The Oklahoma Register includes notices of proposed new and amended rules, recently-enacted emergency rules, and finally adopted permanent rules. You can follow a rule’s progress in the Oklahoma Register and find out what changes are being proposed, where a public hearing will be held, and who to contact if you have questions or want to comment on the rule.

How can I participate in the rulemaking process?
Citizen participation in the rulemaking process is important. Ways to participate include:

  • Contact the agency directly to express support of or concerns about a proposed rule, orally or in writing, during the comment period announced in the Notice of Rulemaking Intent published in the Oklahoma Register. Each published Notice includes contact information.
  • Attend a public hearing, to provide comments or to simply listen. Each Notice of Rulemaking Intent published in the Oklahoma Register will identify if a hearing on the proposed action has been scheduled.
  • Request an agency to develop a new rule or amend an existing rule, but keep in mind that the agency must have been given the authority by the Legislature to write the rule.