Notary Amendment

Updating or changing information pertaining to a notary public's commission may be done online or by mail. There is no fee.

If a notary public's address changes, the notary must inform the Secretary of State in writing within thirty (30) days after the change became effective.

If a notary public has a change of name during a term of office:

  • the commission can still be used with the former name until time to renew, or
  • an update may be filed in writing requesting cancellation of the commission. The cancellation cannot be filed online, but must be submitted by mail. An application for a new commission, with the $25.00 fee, may be submitted with the request for cancellation.

If a notary seal is lost or stolen the Secretary of State must be notified in writing as soon as possible. When purchasing a new seal, it is advisable to add a symbol on the new seal to distinguish it from the original seal. This information should be included in the notification.

If a notary public dies during their term of office, the heirs or personal representative shall inform the Secretary of State in writing of the date of death. This should be done as soon as is reasonably practical. This may be done online or by mail.