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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Contact and Customer?

A Contact is the initial entry point when you begin to place an order or file a document. You will be asked for a name and email address. Your email address establishes a shopping cart that no one else can use, like you do when you walk into a grocery store and push one around. It also holds items you have to assemble, like business filings, before they go into your cart. Items in your work in process or shopping cart remain there until you are ready to check out.

When you checkout shopping cart items, we need a bit more information about you: like an address, phone number and credit card number. That's where you will register as a customer and choose a username and password. Customers can store payment information and keep track of account transactions. They may even choose to keep an account balance. So, Customers need to be password protected.

Contacts don't need a password, just an email address. The email address will be used to notify you when items from your cart are processed and ready to download from your Briefcase. It is meant to be used by a specific individual. Customer login information, on the other hand, may be shared within a company.

What is my username and password?

Passwords to customer accounts are case-sensitive. You may change the password, if you wish, from the My Account tab after a successful login.

You may request your user name and password be emailed to you from links on the Login page. The email will be sent to the address indicated in the My Account contact information. For customers with more than one client account, the original account's user name will be sent.

What is Work in Process?

When you continue from the Contact page, you will see a list of “work in process” if any exist. Work in Process are filings previously begun but not placed in your shopping cart.

You may resume to complete these filings where you left off by clicking the “Select” link. Or, you may remove from the list by selecting “Delete.” You may begin a new filing by clicking the “Start New” button.

How do I checkout my shopping cart?

After submitting a filing or order to your shopping cart, you have the options of 'Continue Shopping' or 'Begin Checkout.' Clicking the Begin Checkout button presents you with a Registered Customer's login. If you have not registered with us as a Customer, you may select the 'Register for Subscription' link to begin the process.

If you have already registered as a Customer, you may enter your user name and password. Passwords are case-sensitive and, if you don't remember the spelling or case, you may select the 'Fogotten Password' link to have it emailed to the customer's email address. If you've forgotten the user name, you may search for it by the customer's email address, also.

The first page of the checkout process shows the items in your cart and their associated fees. There is a place to enter a PO reference number (for your own billing purposes) if you choose. And, finally, there is a place to select a payment method.

Payment methods may include your client account balance, ACH bank draft, or a credit card. The use of a client account balance as the payment method requires that funds are available in the account to cover the Checkout fees. The ACH payment method requires a signature form sent to our accounting staff prior to use. When using a credit card, you have the option of saving its information to our secured site, in which case, you can select it as a payment method here. Or, you can click the 'Add Payment' link to enter new credit card information to complete the checkout.

Clicking the 'Continue' button provides a review of information entered on the previous page. You may edit the information, if necessary, or click 'Checkout' to complete the payment process. At that point, you'll see a confirmation page showing the documents submitted and the briefcase session id. You will be notified by email to return to the Briefcase link, with the session id, to download the processed documents.

How do I file a document for my existing business?

To file a business change document at the Oklahoma Secretary of State's website, you may navigate to the business filing page, locate the “Change Documents” section midway down the page and select the “click here...:” link.

You will be asked for a Contact name and email address. This is used to keep track of your filing(s) while being prepared, and your shopping cart. The email address is used to send instructions for downloading the finished document from the Briefcase link.

When you continue from the Contact page, you will see a list of “work in process” if any exist. Work in Process are filings previously begun but not placed in your shopping cart. You may resume to complete these filings where you left off by clicking the “Select” link. Or, you may remove from the list by selecting “Delete.” You may begin a new filing by clicking the “Start New” button.

Because it is a change document, “Start New” will ask you first to identify the business entity to change. If you know the filing number you may enter it in the text bar and select the spy glass to retrieve the entity information. If you don't know the filing number, you may leave it blank to search for the entity by name. Selecting a filing number from the search results will display summary information for the business entity. You may continue your filing by selecting the “File a Document” button.

You will be presented with a list of filing “types” appropriate for the business entity. A wizard will step you through the filing process for the type selected. You may return to and modify any previous step in the wizard, but not advance without completing the preceding steps. At the end of the wizard is a Review page where you see the final document, and may submit or return to edit an earlier step. A submitted filing will be placed in your shopping cart.

From the shopping cart, you have the option of removing any unwanted items prior to Begin Checkout. During Checkout, we need a bit more information about you and the method of payment. It is here that you will log in with a Registered Customer user name, if you have one, or select the “register here” link to create one. You may add a payment method, such as a credit card, or use a pre-funded Customer account. You have the option of storing payment information on our secured site, for future use, or not.

Following the Checkout, you will see a confirmation page with a session id and document number. You may wish to print this page out for future reference. You will use the session id to retrieve the final document from the Briefcase link when it has processed.

How do I access Agricultural Lien data?

To access lien information, you may select the Agricultural Liens navigation tab. From there, to access information specific to buyers of lien data, select the Online Services navigation tab.

Online Services is further divided into three selections: Online Registration; Online Lien Search, and; Data Download.

1.Online Registration

When you log into the Online Services area of the web site, you will see summary information about your registration including its expiration date. If the expiration date is within the next month, you will have the option of renewing it online. If you select the option to renew online, or the Online Registration navigation tab, the website will display the Buyer Agreement form and a list of subscription start dates.

You may select the subscription beginning date and key in your personal name as a digital signature. When you click Submit, the registration will be placed in your shopping cart. When you proceed to checkout, you may pay for the renewal by credit card or by accessing available funds, if any, in your client account.

2.Online Lien Search

You now have the option of conducting lien searches directly from our web site. This avoids the time and trouble spent downloading and installing the program and data to your desktop. The online search and results are quite similar to the Windows version AgPublic application. Just enter a debtor's last name or tax identification number and select the debtor from a list. Current liens will be displayed with the option of sending the results to your local printer. You may select any item in the list to see more detailed information.

3.Data Download

Lien data is still available in MS-DOS and Microsoft Access or MSDE (Sql Server) format, and is accessed by selecting the appropriate link on the Data Download page. One distinction from previous MS-DOS download is the separation of data from the EFS program. Access and MSDE data has always been separated from the AgPublic application, but MS-DOS was typically bundled together. Many of our regular customers, however, use third-party software and are only interested in the updated data. Now they have the option.

For the data update only, select the appropriate link in the Database (top) section of the Data Download page. To install the application (generally required only once for each computer) select either MS-DOS Executable or Microsoft Windows Application in the lower panel.

How do I order business documents?

If you know the filing number for the business in question, you may enter it in the space provided on the Business Orders page and click Order Now, or leave the space empty and search on the business name by clicking the spy glass icon. Search results are returned in 'hit' order based on a phonetic name search engine. When you click on the filing number on the results page, you will be see a page displaying key information about the entity selected along with control buttons to "View Entity Details", "File a Document" or "Order Documents".

when you click "Order Documents" from the name search, or "Order Now" from the Business Orders page, you will be asked to enter Contact information if you have not done so already. This will establish a shopping cart and provide a notification address when the order has processed.

If you've entered your information, you'll go directly to an Order Entry Form, where you can check the order items desired. You may then click Submit Order to put it in your shopping cart.

From the shopping Cart, you can click the Begin Checkout button. That's where you'll log in as a registered customer or, if you prefer, register yourself. A customer can save payment methods and maintain a transaction history for accounting purposes. When you've completed the payment process, the order will appear in your briefcase, available for download when it is done.

Why can I not order a Certificate of Good Standing?

If a Certificate of Good Standing checkbox is not available for your business order, it probably indicates the business is not in good standing with the Oklahoma Secretary of State. Please contact the Business Division at 405-521-3912 for more information.

How to retrieve my filing or order?

Your Briefcase stores information about the filings and orders you request during a particular session. You may access the Briefcase through the link at the top of the page, along with your session id.

A Session id is a 12-character code assigned during checkout. The first six characters of the ID are numeric and indicate the session date. The second six characters are randomly generated. It is displayed on the confirmation page following the checkout process and will be emailed to the Contact when the documents are available for download. You may print the confirmation page from your browser menu, or from the print button on the page, to safeguard the id for future reference.

I tried to download a file, but nothing happened. What do I do?

Verify the status is "Processed" then click on the hyperlinked document number. When you click on a file to download, you may be asked if you wish to "open file" or "save to disk." It is suggested that you select "save to disk" and press "ok." Depending on your browser and computer profile, you may already have a download folder set up, or you may save the download to your desktop for easy access.

How can I open a briefcase download?

All responses retrieved from the Briefcase are zipped for internet transmission. There are several ways to unzip a file. Windows Vista and 7 include their own file compression which would work. There are several compression utilities available on the internet that will also work. You can do a search on Google or any other search engine to find them. Winzip has long been a Windows standard, available for a small fee.

Once unzipped, the electronic documents are formatted as "pdf" files. They may be viewed using Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader version 4.0 or higher. If you do not currently have an Acrobat Reader on your computer, this may be obtained via download from Adobe.

I believe my credit card was over-charged. What can I do?

Please email us with your Session ID and the amount in question. We will issue a refund of the overage amount back to your credit card unless you specify otherwise. You may contact our accounting staff at 405-521-3912 for more information.

How do I get a list of businesses registered with the Secretary of State?

You may obtain a listing of all organizations registered with the Oklahoma Secretary of State at

That page will give you some summary information about bulk data orders. You have the option of obtaining data, exported from our data base as delimited text, or as a customized html report. To get a customized web page report, click the 'Place Order' button at the top of the page. On the Order Entry page and scroll down to and check the box for 'Customize Your Bulk Order'. Under 'Entity Type', if you wish to restrict the organization type, uncheck 'All Types' and scroll down to and check the box(es) for the types required. You may also narrow your selection for Active entities and within a particular date range and zip prefix. If you don't want to filter by zip, leave the Zip Range unchecked. Otherwise, you may specify a zip-prefix like '731' to restrict the listing to Oklahoma City or '740' to Tulsa. In the date range, the last month is selected by default. To change the year, mouse-over then key in the year desired. You can select the calendar icon to fine-tune.

The cost of the report is 40 records for one dollar. It is therefore in your interest to narrow the list as much as possible. You will see a cost estimate in your shopping cart, and a link to the report will be available immediately after checkout.