State Questions

"...the people reserve to themselves the power to propose laws and amendments to the Constitution and to enact or reject the same at the polls independent of the Legislature, and also reserve power at their own option to approve or reject at the polls any act of the Legislature." Oklahoma Constitution Article V

Initiative and Referendum Process for filing a State Question - relevant sections of law are found in Article V of the Oklahoma Constitution and Title 34 of the Oklahoma Statutes. Additional provisions concerning constitutional amendments are found in Article 24 of the Oklahoma Constitution.


Petitions and orders for the initiative and for the referendum on state questions are filed with the Secretary of State

Relevant Sections of Law

Articles 5 & 24 Oklahoma Constitution
Title 34 Oklahoma Statutes

Type of State Question filed in Oklahoma

Initiative Petition
A process by which the legal voters of Oklahoma have the right to propose any legislative measure or to propose amendments to the Oklahoma Constitution.
Legislative Referendum
A method used by the Legislature to submit a proposed measure to the legal voters of Oklahoma.
Referendum Petition
A process by which the legal voters of Oklahoma propose changes to legislation from the current legislative session, (except as to laws necessary for the immediate preservation of public peace, health or safety). Referendum petitions must be filed with the Secretary of State not more than ninety (90) days after the final adjournment of the session of the Legislature which passed the bill on which the referendum is demanded.

Election & Effective Date

All elections on measures referred to the people of the state shall be had at the next election held throughout the state, except when the Legislature or the Governor shall order a special election for the express purpose of making such reference. Any measure referred to the people by the initiative or referendum shall take effect and be in force when it shall have been approved by a majority of the votes cast thereon and not otherwise.