Initiative and Referendum Process for filing a State Question

Relevant sections of law are found in Article V of the Oklahoma Constitution and Title 34 of the Oklahoma Statutes. Additional provisions concerning constitutional amendments are found in Article 24 of the Oklahoma Constitution.


Petitions and orders for the initiative and for the referendum on state questions are filed with the Secretary of State.

Signature Requirements

The ratio and per centum of legal voters is based upon the total votes cast at the last general election for the Office of the Governor.

The total votes cast for the office of Governor at the General Election in 2018 were 1,186,385. Signature requirements for the types of petitions listed below are derived by applying the parenthetical percentages indicated and are valid from November 14, 2018 through November 15, 2020.

Referendum (5%)
Initiative (8%)
Initiative for Constitutional Change (15%)
Rejected Initiative or Referendum Measures (25%)

Election & Effective Date (Article 5, O.C. Section 3)

All elections on measures referred to the people of the state are held at the next statewide election. An exception is made when the Legislature or the Governor orders a special election for the express purpose of making such reference. Any measure referred to the people by the initiative or referendum will take effect and be in force when it has been approved by a majority of the votes cast.