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SQ Num Type Petition Num Leg Num Ref Num Res/ Bill Num Citation Summary Status Election Date
777 Legislative   368   HJR 1012 Amendment adding a new Section 38 to Oklahoma Constitution, Article II; guaranteeing the right to engage in certain farming and ranching practices Farming and Ranching    
776 Legislative   367   SJR 31 Adding new Section 9A to Article II; It states that all death penalty statutes are in effect. It states that methods of execution can be changed. It states that the death penalty is not cruel and unusual punishment Death penalty    
775 Initiative 401       Amending Article 3, Section 4 This proposition would require the Legislature to pass laws requiring that a record of how citizens voted in all elections be made available to the public. This record would be made available to the public as an open record within thirty-one days after each election. Withdrawn  
774 Initiative 400       Adding New Section 44 to Article 10 OK Constitution Allowing up to Five Hundred Million Dollors ($500,000,000.00) of state bond money to pay for shelters and secure areas in school s. Time to file signatures has expired  
773 Initiative 399       Adding New Article 31 OK Constitution Creating the Marijuana Legalization Act    
772 Referendum     24   Amending 17 O.S. Sec. 156 Respectfully order that Enrolled Senate Bill 1456 passed by the 54th Legislature of the State of Oklahoma be referred to the people of the State for their approval or rejection. Time to file signatures has expired  
771 Legislative   366   HB 2621 New Art. 10 Sec. 8F Homestead Exemption Surviving Spouse of Veteran YES: 711,424 ; NO: 74,697 11-04-2014
770 Legislative   365   HB2621 Amends Const Article X, Section 8E Amending Homestead Exemption Disabled Veterans YES: 710,134 ; NO: 75,522 11-04-2014
769 Legislative   364   SJR 33 Amends Const Article 2, Section 12 Dual Office Holding YES: 540,988 ; NO: 237,966 11-04-2014
768 Initiative 398       New Const. Article 31, Sections 1.A to 1.E Allows for the classification of marijuana as a herbal drug regulated by the OK State Dept of Health and permits the use of marijuana, under a physician's guidance, for certain medical conditions including cancer, HIV, AIDS, hepatitis C, MS, and other conditions. Oklahoma Supreme Court issued order no. 113,156 "State Question 768, Initiative Petition 398, fails for numerical insufficiency of signatures"  
767 Initiative 397       Amends Article 10, Section 44 Allow state bond money to pay for shelters and secure areas in schools Time to file signatures has expired  
766 Legislative 0 363 0 SJR 52 Amends Section 6A of Article 10 Exempts all intangible personal property from ad valorem taxation Yes: 826,102; No: 445,500 11-06-2012
765 Legislative 0 362 0 HJR 1092 Repeals Sections 2, 3 & 4 and adds new Section 6 to Article 25 Repeals sections of the Constitution relating to the Department of Public Welfare, its commission and director; grants the Legislature the authority to create and direct the administration of a department to provide for public welfare Yes: 751,909; No: 502,949 11-06-2012
764 Legislative 0 361 0 HJR 1085 Adds new Section 39A to Article 10 Creates the Water Infrastructure Credit Enhancement Reserve Fund; allows the OWRB to issue bonds Yes: 706,322; No: 539,492 11-06-2012
763 Initiative 396       New Section (4.A) and amends Section 10 of Art. 28 O.C., Would permit counties with more than 50,000 residents to have the option of holding an election that would allow the sale of wine in grocery stores Withdrawn  
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