Secured Party Update

Updating secured party information

If a secured party's name or mailing address changes, or if a change in ownership changes the federal tax identification number, the secured party must notify the Central Filing System Office in writing of the change and the date the change became effective.

When you submit this form, ALL Effective Financing Statements filed under the former name, address and Tax ID number will be changed to reflect the current name, address and Tax ID number.

If the change applies to less than ALL of the EFS's on file under the former secured party information, do not fill out this form. An assignment will need to be filed for each EFS.

Please submit one form per name, address or Tax ID number change. If Branch Locations are affected, please fill out a form for each location. Once we have been notified of the change, submit all EFS's with the current secured party information listed. If you have questions, please contact CFS staff at 405-521-2474.