The Secretary of State’s office is the office in Oklahoma authorized to issue an apostille or authentication for a notarized document going to a foreign country. This office also issues certifications and apostilles for other public documents issued by other Oklahoma agencies including those issued by Court Clerks and the State Registrar of the Oklahoma State Department of Health. Apostilles are accepted by those countries that are members of the Hague Conference on Private International Law. A listing of the countries which are members of the Hague Conference is available at www.hcch.net.

An apostille is attached to a notarized original document or a certified copy of an original document. The apostille verifies the commission and bond of an Oklahoma notary public who signs a document. For certified recorded instruments such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, and divorce decrees, the apostille verifies that the person who certified the document was an official at the time of the certification. Please note, a marriage license, divorce decree, or any court certified document, must be dated within one year of submitting it to our office. If you wish to obtain a current certified copy of a court issued document, you will need to contact the Court Clerk’s office in the county the document was issued. To obtain a copy of an Oklahoma birth certificate, you may contact the Oklahoma State Department of Health at (405) 271-5615.

Documents which need to be certified or authenticated which are not a party to the Hague Conference, are issued a Certificate of Signature. In the case of a notarized document, the Certificate of Signature certifies that the notary public who signed the document has a current notary commission and bond on file with the Secretary of State. All other documents will be issued a Certificate of Signature to verify the authenticity of the public official who signed the document.

The statutory fee to obtain an Apostille is $25.00 per notarial act or certified document. If the documents are to be used for a foreign adoption in a country that is a party to the Hague Convention of 1961, then the fee to attach an Apostille is $10.00 per notarial act or certified document. The fee to attach a Certificate of Signature is $20.00 per notarial act or certified document. Please note, the fees must be made payable in the form of cash, cashier’s check, money order, MasterCard, Discover or Visa. We cannot accept a personal check as a form of payment. If you choose to pay with a credit or debit card, there is an additional statutory surcharge of 4% on the total fees.

Documents may be presented to our office in person or via mail. Our office hours are Monday thru Friday from 8:00 - 5:00. In order to process the documents in a timely manner, we ask that you please arrive to our office no later than 4:30. Documents which are mailed, must be sent with a cover letter specifying the country to which the document is for, as well as an address for return. Please provide a telephone number in the event that we may need to contact you. The mailing address and telephone number to our office is as follows:

Secretary of State
Certification Department
421 NW 13th St, Suite 210
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
(405) 521-4211

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